Design magazines are frequently the most delicious print on the newsstand, created by people who are enamoured with the many lovely things that can be done with a blank page. They are also usually the most daring. On this list, we have included some well-known names, but we’re also looking for publications that push the boundaries of what a design magazine can be.

Magazines that leverage a designer’s curiosity and point of view to introduce other themes, such as rubbish bins, teens, and Shia LaBeouf’s jeans. The nine top independent design magazines in the world right now are listed below. Not only you can find good designs at online casinos, but magazines also provide an edge to the craft of creatives.

Safar Magazine

Tsigereda Brihanu and Mekdes Yilma, two Ethiopian women who describe their first-hand experiences of living under ‘Kafala,’ the sponsorship system that exploits many vulnerable migrant workers in Lebanon, are featured on the cover of issue five of Safar, which is published in Beirut. The book is entirely bilingual, with Arabic and English language side by side, and each page is vibrantly colored.

The Modernist

With The Modernist, a journal on twentieth-century design, you may escape the year 2020. The rural countryside is the focus of Issue 34, but do not expect rolling hills. Featuring a loving history of litterbins and a double-page spread of a Hebridean bus stop, The Modernist finds beauty in the intersection between the urban and the rural.

Havard Design Magazine

Harvard Design Magazine, published by Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, is rigorous and distinctly academic in tone. The latest issue, which is focused on interiors, features an InDesign page on the cover and aims to address a question raised 10 years ago by Mohsen Mostafavi, the school’s new dean: “Do architects simply pay more attention to the outside?”

Is it possible that the external view of a building provides the image of a totality, which is easier to comprehend in its flatness than an interior view? ” Previous themes have been a little lighter: a 2017 issue focused on teenagers because “the millennium is in its adolescent years — and it shows.”


Mold is a design publication focused on the future of food. Its fourth issue, themed ‘Designing for the Senses,’ starts at birth: “Within minutes of being born, one of our first behaviors is to seek out food… mewling babies crawl up their mothers’ bodies to suckle themselves.

Real View

Real Review is an architecture publication with a colossal scope – its tagline is “what it means to live today.” End Times is the theme of the most recent edition, and the content is electrifying. “This reading puts Brexit as the fantasy of nationalist perverts,” writes RR editor Jack Self in one essay. “This reading posits Brexit as the fantasy of nationalist perverts.”